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«My journey with dogs began at my grandparents’ house, where exceptional dogs, each with a distinct personality, were a constant presence. I remember Hugo, a majestic German Shepherd, and Arvine, a beautiful Swiss Shepherd with a gentle gaze. In my parents’ home, we welcomed Tara, our very first dog, a Golden Retriever who quickly became my everyday companion, my anchor, and my confidante.»

The inability to provide comfort to her young boxer prompted Jessica to leave the world of communication, marketing, and luxury to undertake specialized nutrition training. Her objective extended beyond aiding Inoxx; it encompassed supporting all pet owners struggling to find the ideal food for their pets.  

For healthy pets, Jessica and her family opted for a short supply chain, with only one intermediary between Foodidoo and the finished product. Crafting homemade portions for your canine or feline companions involves sourcing meats, fish, vegetables, and seasonal cereals directly from local producers and farms within the canton of Geneva.

A graduate in specialized nutrition for dogs and cats, Jessica leverages her expertise to prepare meals meeting the specific energy requisites of your pet. Augmented by substantial experience in key areas, Jessica’s nutritionist credentials stand as a testament to her professional prowess. 

Prepared on demand with ingredients steamed to perfection, Foodidoo’s recipes will quickly have beneficial effects on the mood and behavior of your companions. 

Foodidoo also provides the opportunity for personalized support over time, conducting a nutritional assessment of your animal to determine its needs.