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The meal

At Foodidoo, we go the extra mile to find the right food for your dog and/or cat. We offer meticulously crafted meals tailored to their individual needs. Just like humans, these dietary requirements evolve through various life stages: infancy, youth, adulthood, and senior years. Thus, commencing with a diagnosis is crucial before progressing to the subsequent phases of preparation, delivery, and eating. Don’t overlook the option to conduct a nutritional assessment for your pet.

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Icône diagnostic grâce à Foodidoo

Diagnosis (FROM A TO Z)

Basal Energy Expenditure (BEE) is the amount of energy (kcal) required for your dog or cat to maintain optimal health and well-being over time. Calculating your pet’s BEE necessitates details such as breed, weight, activity level, age, and overall health 

Dietary adjustments become imperative if your pet grapples with specific conditions like allergies, diminished appetite, progressive atrophy, etc. Given that Foodidoo’s recipes are tailored for healthy health, a nutritional assessment may be essential.

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Icône de la préparation Foodidoo

Preparation (LIKE AT HOME)

Opt for the quality of steam cooking for your canine or feline companions, preserving nutrients, textures, tastes, and flavors. After cooking the food separately, we proceed with rapid cooling to maintain freshness and taste. Once cooled, the food is vacuum-sealed in airtight bags for impeccable freshness and preservation without any artificial additives.

Livraison Foodidoo


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With Foodidoo, enjoy complimentary delivery within the canton of Geneva and its surrounding regions. Depending on the delivery zones, specific days will be determined during the week. Depending on your chosen subscription plan, deliveries can be scheduled:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Monthly
  • Tailored to your preference (for plans exceeding 4 weeks)

All products are delivered fresh and vacuum-sealed, meaning they are not frozen.

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Icône d'une bonne dégustation grâce à Foodidoo


The taste, smell, and texture of homemade food guarantee a hearty appetite! With Foodidoo, your pet won’t be able to resist licking its chops…

Indulge in our exclusive personalized service at Foodidoo: a virtual or telephonic consultation with our nutritionist. 
In-home consultations are also available, with applicable mileage fees.

If your pet is allergic, shows signs of weakness, or suffers from a specific condition, Jessica offers a thorough consultation to assess and manage your companion's nutritional needs. 


Time : 15 MINUTES

General advice on feeding and different feeding methods, and which one to choose.
This interview also enables us to define your pet's needs and the type of nutritional coaching to be put in place.


TIME : 40 minutes
PRICE : CHF 130.-

A personalized assessment of your pet's diet
A personalized report with recommendations based on your pet's specific needs Follow-up by email for one month


TIME : 20 minutes
PRICE : CHF 70.-

Follow-up of the new adapted and balanced diet implemented during the nutritional assessment (mandatory).