Recipe available from March 2024

Prepared on demand from locally sourced seasonal ingredients and delivered straight to your doorstep, explore our three recipes specially crafted for your canine companion. 

Dogs, being enthusiastic eaters, don’t always adhere to the best dietary practices. Our three nutritiously balanced recipes are formulated to provide them with precisely what they need in optimal quantities. 

A protein-rich recipe featuring chicken, carrots, spinach, chicken heart, oat flakes, a blend of oils, vitamins, and minerals – a recipe that truly gives wings

A protein-packed recipe to restore your pet’s vitality, boasting beef, carrots, spinach, beef heart, whole buckwheat, a blend of oils, and a wealth of vitamins and minerals.

A protein-rich blend of hake, carrots, salmon, spinach, millet, a mix of oils, and a bounty of vitamins and minerals for a recipe that flows seamlessly with nature.

A personalized service 

Is your pet allergic or suffering from a specific condition? Jessica can set up a videoconference consultation with you to assess your pet’s nutritional needs and define the type of support required.

Nourriture fraîche pour chien dans sa gamelle