Recipe available from March 2024


How to order foodidoo products ?

Foodidoo is a new brand of fresh food for dogs and cats, currently in the testing phase. our recipes will be available for purchase through this website starting from april. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation for your pet, feel free to contact us at

How are our recipes prepared?

Once the diagnosis is made, we prepare personalized portions in the kitchen that correspond to the energy needs of your pet. Fresh products are steamed separately to retain all nutrients. once cooled, the food is vacuum sealed in airtight bags for impeccable freshness and preservation without artificial additives.

What ingredients are used?

Our Foodidoo recipes are prepared in a short supply chain with fresh, seasonal, and mostly local products. You can find details of all our recipes in the “our dog recipes” or “our cat recipes” section.

Which recipe to choose?

Our 3 cat recipes and our three dog recipes have been developed by our nutritionist and contain all the necessary nutrients for a healthy dog or cat. If your pet does not have any food intolerance, we recommend choosing a mix of the three recipes to provide variety.

How much should my pet eat daily?

To determine the daily quantity of food for your pet, it is necessary to fill out our diagnosis to calculate your dog’s or cat’s needs based on various criteria: breed, weight, activity level, temperament, and whether the animal is sterilized or not.

How to store the food?

the products are delivered fresh and vacuum-sealed, meaning they are not frozen.
When served within 7 days of delivery, the portions can be kept in the fridge and consumed straight from the fridge.
After 8 days or more following delivery, the products can be stored for 3 months in the freezer. Once the bag is opened, it is recommended to serve it within 3 days.
Before consumption, it is advised to thaw the portion in the fridge.

How to serve the food to my pet?

Our recipes can be served at room temperature. You can also lightly warm our recipes in a water bath; this will subtly alter the taste and smell, which might appeal to some of our more selective furry friends. Remember to check that the food is not too hot before serving. If the products have been stored in the freezer, it is recommended to thaw the portion in the fridge the day before consumption.

Can i warm up the food?

You can lightly warm our recipes in a water bath, which will slightly alter the taste and smell and may appeal to some of our more selective pets. Ensure that the food is not too hot before serving.